5th International Istanbul Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Fair (ICSG Istanbul 2017)
which is the biggest energy exhibition in Turkey, will be held on 19-20-21 April 2017 at
Istanbul Congress Center. England, Italy, China, Sweden, Austria, Poland and Oman
country pavilions will participate to ICSG Istanbul 2017 which is expected to have more
than 5000 visitors. While European Parliament has suspended the membership negotiations
between European Union and Turkey and the issue is still remaining on the agenda, Italy’s
country partnership in ICSG Istanbul 2017 created strong positive reactions. ICSG Istanbul
2017 will discuss smart grids and smart cities topics under the auspices of Republic of
Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy
and Natural Resources, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology,
Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication and
supports from Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) and Istanbul Metropolitan
Climate change keep threatening all the world without any borders. Climate change as a global
issue orients countries to search new energy resources and using the produced energy in the most
effective way. Affecting by this issue will bring into “smart energy”, “smart city” and “smart grid”
concepts prominent.

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Turkey with 80 million population, 35 million water, 35 million electricity and 10 million natural
gas subscribers, take the first place among the countries with high potential in energy. As all over
the world, Turkey is getting benefit of technology in transitional stage of smart grids. In this
critical period, sides which use, produce and distribute the energy will look for the solutions for
using energy efficiently, dissipation loss and rational. Thanks to smart grids, illegal electricity
usage has disappeared and electrical leakage won’t cause any fire. And also thanks to smart grids,
instead of high carbon emission fuels like coal, natural gas and oil, renewable energies like sun
and wind will be included to the system.

Proper use of energy and developmental needs shows that smart city concept will be remarkable in
the upcoming years. Turkey met with smart city concept with Gaziantep and Karaman samples. In
Turkey, as a developing country, the number of smart cities will increase day by day. This
increase will provide some advantages such as more effective city operations, increasing the
security, reducing waiting times in traffic, less affecting by natural disasters and saving more from
oil and energy.

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5th International Istanbul Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Fair (ICSG Istanbul 2017) which
will be held during the transitional stage, will provide an international platform for keeping update
with the latest developments in smart grids and cities, observing the sample applications, figure
out investment strategies with all the participants and stakeholders. Participants and firms will take
the opportunity to organize B2B meetings with the delegations from United States, Japan, Finland,
Poland, Iran, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, India, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and
Kuwait. Organizing delegations from the other countries is still in progress. IEEE-PES President
elect 2016-2017 and director of USA Virginia Tech ARI
Prof. Dr. Saifur Rahman who is well
known with his researches, publications and seminars in energy field, will be keynote speaker in
ICSG Istanbul 2017. A special panel will be organized and only CEO level speakers such as
President of Calik Holding Ahmet Calik, President of Limak Holding Nihat Ozdemir and
President of AKSA Natural Gas Distribution Company Yasar Arslan will discuss important topics.
Moreover, Italy Country Panel, Sweden Country Panel, Women Leaders in Smart Grids Panel,
Women Leaders in Smart Cities Panel will create an international scientific platform for all the
participant. Additionally, this year IEEE-PES will organize a panel related to “Women in
Engineering” and well-known experts and speakers will contribute with their speeches.