EEZ: Hellenism claims its maximum rights

By: E. Conophagos, N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias
Submitted by: Stelios Veisakis MSc in Oil&Gas Technology.
From a strategic perspective as far as Turkey is concerned, in the Eastern Mediterranean there’s no international law, but only Turkish rights based upon the arbitrary and irrational Turkish legislation.
In the South of Cyprus, Turkey doesn’t merely claim the maximum of her rights based on international law, but the maximum of her rights based upon internal regulations which she publishes in the international press without receiving in actual fact any response coming from those responsible re: the issue.
These rights upon the mineral wealth of the wider region are much larger than anything one would’ve imagined, especially in regards to Cyprus.
That image, comprising of a composition of recent publications based on the new research model of locating biogenic natural gas deposits in limestone reefs reserves in the region of Cyprus, indicates that, there are reasonable chances that the Cypriot mineral resources could exceed all up to date expectations.
But back in Greece, a substancial number of analysts continue to insist, that in the Eastern Mediterranean region we should claim the minimum of our rights, namely the continental shelf, and that alone, a factor which from a strategic perspective is not only extremely dangerous but also nationally unprofitable.
Of course, it’s all explainable through servility, but we’ll continue to say what’s proper.
The economic importance of our maximum claim is obligatory, considering the prospects of the natural gas existence in Cyprus, which at this point of time, based upon our new calculations with 90% accuracy, there could be up to 50 trillion cubic feet, with 50% probability of 140 trillion cubic feet and with 10% probability of 400 trillion cubic feet.
Based upon today’s natural gas prices in the region, their value ranges between 20 Billion Euros and 160 Billion Euros.
Based upon Turkey’s demands on the diagram of Cyprus’s mapped targets, we see that Turkey (I) and the Pseudo-state (II) are roughly now claiming 50% of the of the Cypriot Republic’s rights, is they are demanding a maximum value of over 80 Billion Euros.
We should note here, that if the natural gas prices return to their 2012 levels, then, the previous amount would be of the order of 200 Billion Euros.
Based upon all the above, it’s obvious that, the claim of the maximum of our rights in the Eastern Mediterranean through the proclamation of the EEZ constitutes an urgent national necessity.