New achievement of the Cypriot EEZ

By: N. Lygeros PHD

Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias
Submitted by: Stelios Veisakis MSc in Oil&Gas Technology.
With the data expected by us, due to strategy and energy, the third licensing round has ended for marine plots 6,8 and 10, with a great success we might say, since we had six offers from eight oil companies, and even regarding a marine plot abandoned by Total, which preferred plot 11 instead of 10.
Additionally, with the current conditions in the Eastern Mediterranean, we see that the innovation regarding geopolitics, offers prospect creating opportunities, even in cases where others think that there are only problems.
As a result, instead of Cyprus waiting passively for the future as well as its liberation to occur, it relentlessly continues its course, changing phase and cycle as well, without losing any opportunity to capitalize upon the fact, that the discovery of the ZOHR reserve brought to surface new plans regarding the mining, since the fields with karst limestone became potential targets in the Eastern Mediterranean.
It also became understandable to everyone who had fears re: the Cypriot EEZ, and the utilization of the marine plots, that nothing of what they said is valid, both about the issues with Turkey, and of those relating to the oil companies.
And even though they were saying that they would all depart, and that we couldn’t ever proceed, Cyprus once again gives the example which must be followed by Greece, in order to escape from the misery of micro politics and the pseudo ideology of the void and of nihilism.
Because the future will be the energy and the strategy.